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The Planning Commission, Government of India, has been stressing from time to time to frame special schemes for the upliftment of the Scheduled Castes in a focused manner.Special schemes were required to be framed for the villages which have significant Scheduled Castes population. Keeping in view the guidelines of the Planning Commission, Mahatma Gandhi Gramin Basti Yojna was launched in theState of Haryana. This scheme is aimed at benefiting the poorer sections of the society. Under this scheme, the State Government has decided to allot free residential plots to the eligible SC families, Backward Class (Category-A)families and BPL families in the villages. This scheme has been started during the year 2008-09.

            In the first phase, the plots arebeing provided out of the shamilat lands wherever suitable land is availablewith the Panchayats. Thereafter, in the villages where no suitable Panchayat land is available, it will be made available either by way of exchange with that of the private land owners or by acquisition. Basic infrastructural facilities such as streets, drinking water, drainage, power supply etc. areproposed to be provided along with these residential plots, in phased manner.

            Pursuant to the decision of allotment of free residential plots to the eligible SC, BPL & BC(A)families in the villages, applications were invited at district level. After scrutiny of applications, 3.25 lac Scheduled Castes families, 1.57 lac Backward Class (A) families and 1.25 lakh BPL families were found eligible for allotmentof 100 sq. yard plots. As of now 5,58,865 families have been reported as eligible by the district authorities and 3.85 lac eligible families have been allotted plots up to 31.01.2013.

           The Haryana Rural Development Authority has been entrusted with the work of development of basic infrastructure facilities such as pavement of streets and construction of drains. The work of laying of water supply pipelines would be done through the Water Supply and Sanitation Department. Electric Poles and lines are to be laid through the respective PowerUtility.

           The total estimated cost of the scheme is about Rs. 2500 crore.  Out of which Rs.8909.23 lac has been released from 2008-09 to 2011-12.

          Under this scheme an amount of Rs.28950.00 lac has been earmarked for the 12thFive year Plan(2012-17). Rs 6040.00 lac has been approved for the Annual Plan2012-13 which has been sanctioned. An amount of Rs. 19774.00 has been earmarked for the year2013-14.



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