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Panchayats Wing

            Director Panchayats, heads the Panchayats Department. The field offices are at District and Block level. At District level, Additional Deputy Commissioner, District Development & Panchayat Officer monitors the development works and Panchayat Activities. Block Development & Panchayat Officer monitors the works at Block level. At District level, EE(PR) and at block level SDO(PR), JE(PR) are responsible for technical guidance/supervision. Deputy Commissioner is responsible for the overall developmental activities at district level.   

 1.      Revenue Earning Scheme

Under this interest free loan is given to Panchayat/ Panchayat Samitis for installation of Tubes, Wells construction of shops and Staff Quarters etc. The loan is recovered in Thirty Yearly Installments.

2.      Matching Grant Scheme

Under the matching Grant scheme an equal amount is sanctioned as Matching Contribution for Various Development Works. In some cases like Girls School and Girls Hostels in the State where the Government provides the amount of Grant twice the amount rose through Voluntary Contribution so as to promote Women Education.

3.      Panchayati Raj Institutions [PRI]

The Haryana Panchayati Raj Act, 1994 (Act Number 11 of 1994) was enforced w.e.f. 22.04.1994. The objective of this act is to provide for constitution of Gram Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads for better administration of the rural areas and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. This act extends to whole of the state of Haryana. There exist three levels of elected bodies for rural areas:

            ·         Gram Panchayat: consists of a Sarpanch elected by Gram Sabha from                  amongst its voters and 6 to 12 Panches from wards in the Panchayat                  area.

·         Panchayat Samiti: consists of a Chairman and a Vice Chairman, directly elected members from territorial constituencies as determined under section 58 of the act, the members of Haryana Legislative Assembly representing constituencies, which comprise wholly or partly in the Panchayat Samiti.

·         Zila Prishad:  Consists of members directly elected from the wards in the districts, Chairman of all Panchayat Samitis within the district, ex officio members, the members of the House of People, Haryana Legislative Assembly whose constituency lies within the district or part thereof, ex officio member, a President and Vice President.

   On administrative side, Directorate of Development and Panchayat is headed by Director and having District Development & Panchayat Officers [DDPO] at District level and Block Development & Panchayat Officers [BDPO] at Block level.

   Grant-in aid to Panchayati Raj Institutions

   On the recommendation of 10th Finance Commission amount of Rs. 82.64 Crores was released to PRIs in ratio of 75:15:10 to Gram Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads during the year 1999-2000 for various Development woks. On the recommendation of 11th Finance Commission, Govt. of India has sanctioned Rs. 147.10 Crore for the duration 2000-2001 to 2004-2005 to the Panchayat Raj institutions as a Grant-in aid @ Rs. 29.42 Crore Per Year. 735.44 lacs were sanctioned by the Finance Branch in the year 2000-2001. This amount was released to the District Development and Panchayat officers on the Population basis by this Branch vide letter dated 12-03-2001. District Development and Panchayat Officers have disbursed this amount to Panchayati Raj institutions for the Development works of sanctioned schemes in the ratio of 75:15:10 to the Gram Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads respectively.

   On the recommendation of the Finance Commission Government of India has provided a sum of Rs. 29.42 Crore under the plan scheme for the year 2001-2005 for various development works such as Construction of Primary Schools rooms in rural areas, construction of dispensary/primary health centers, Water Supply Scheme, Street light, Construction Veterinary Hospitals, Construction Link Roads in rural areas, Construction of Khels or Cattle Drinking Water etc. Out of this amount sanction for the payment of Rs 14708.75 lacs have been received. This amount has been allocated to all the District Development and Panchayat officers in the State for further distribution of it to the Panchayati Raj Institutions in the ratio of 75:15:10 (Gram Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis and Zila Parishads) respectively.

   In view of above under the 10th Finance Commission scheme an amount of Rs. 8264.00 lacs has been released from 1999-2000 to December 2001 to the PRIs for various  Development Works.

  Admin and Technical Powers of PRI and panchayati Raj Wing

   The PRI s have to obtain technical sanctions for which adequate powers have been delegated to field level functionaries of Panchayati Raj Engineering Branch which is Rs. 5.00 lacs for Junior Engineer(PR), between Rs. 5.00 lacs and Rs. 10.00 lacs with Sub Divisional Officer(PR) and above 10.00 lacs and up to 5.00 lacs with the Executive Engineer (PR).     

  Sources of Revenue of PRIs

   The main source of income of Gram Panchayats is the lease money of  Shamilat land. The cultivable land of Gram Panchayats is given on lease every year and income received from this source is utilized on development works of village by Gram Panchayats. 

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